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Park Run


30 September 2016

Park Run

In order to gain more exposure for our Park and the work that Friends of Sandspruit is doing, we have decided to try and instigate a Park Run.

In order to be considered for a Park Run we must have a 5km track for the event. A full circuit around the Park and along the Sandspruit to South Road is around 3km, so whichever route we decide on, it will have to be run twice in order to make the 5km total.

Park Run map

The route above shows the Park circuit in red (0.55km) and the Sandspruit circuit in blue (1.95km) giving us exactly a 2.5km circuit that will be run twice.

Clearly there are some potential bottle-necks, the main one being in front of Esprit Estate. This will mean some groundworks will be required to widen certain areas, provide some upgraded drainage where marshy areas will develop in the rainy season, remove rubble that has been dumped over many years and to fill some rather large holes.

Where the track follows the river towards South Road there is also significant work to be done. Currently there are vagrants living in the area causing an unsightly litter mass and generally putting people off from visiting this beautiful part of the Sandspruit. In order to encourage them to move on, we will be clearing undergrowth and removing invasive trees (particularly the Mulberries that encourage the vagrants to settle there).

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